Using jsdoc commenting in JavaScript

File this one under “note to self”, but knowing how to properly comment your JavaScript is an important part of being a proficient developer.

At the time of this article, jsdoc seems to be the industry standard for documentation formatting in the JavaScript world. It’s a succinct and helpful way to comment your JavaScript classes and methods.

To get started, first install jsdoc globally:

npm intall -g jsdoc

Now that it’s installed, you can run it on one of your JavaScript files:

jsdoc myfile.js

Of course you could do this every time you update your files, but if you’re really cool you can put it into your build process using something like Gulp, Grunt or the Rails asset pipeline.

Ok, with setup and running out of the way, let’s write some docs! Here is a sort of all-in-one example:

 * A User model
 * @author Dana Woodman <>
 * @copyright Dana Woodman 2015
 * @license MIT
 * @module User

 * @typedef {Object} User
 * @property {String} name
 * @property {?Number} age

 * @class
function User() {}

 * A very helpful but brief description of the create method.
 * @param {String} name - The name of the new user.
 * @param {?Number} age - The age of the person.
 * @param {User~userCallback} callback - The callback that handles the response.
 * @returns {User} - The new user object.
 * @public
User.prototype.create(name, age, callback) {
  // Do some magic here...
  return user;

Make sure to check out for a bunch of useful references and setup guides.

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